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giraffe (Toyota)

Use a giraffe to get your panda even deeper in to your car!

Cars have many CAN buses not exposed on the main OBD-II connector. giraffe is an adapter board that gets you in.

Also has a NEO compatible fake ethernet port with access to CAN1, CAN2, started detect, +12v, and ground.

Supported Cars

This giraffe is designed for Toyota RAV4 with TSS-P and Toyota Prius with TSS-P. Verified fit on 2017 models. It may also work on other cars with the same connector, probably all TSS-P Toyota.


It passes through the signals to the existing driver assistance system. Or turn the switches off and block the signals. It's like unplugging, but better. Or proxy the signals through your panda.

When used with a chffr panda you get more signals and access to read from your car's radar.

Open Source

Buy it here or build it yourself. giraffe are open source hardware

Free US shipping within a week, $20 flat rate internationally




  • Dimensions

    Height: 2.2" (56mm)

    Width: 2.7" (69mm)

    Depth: 1.6" (40mm)

    Weight: 55g